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One's first impression of Missile is that he is a very loud and yappy little dog. And that is because that is very true. Missile is an easily excited and energetic dog that never takes his small size into account.

He is extremely optimistic, joyful and is genuinely happy to meet everyone. He is simple in thought in part because he is a dog and he accepts facts fairly easily while humans would fret and question them (ie: talking to dead humans is no biggie because, hey, humans can do a lot of things so surely this is one of those things!).

Missile's stalwart devotion and kindness does not come with ferocity. He wishes no one ill and is incapable of truly hurting anyone. He also harbors no suspicions or reserve, even greeting suspicious strangers with a hearty "WELCOME!".

His life changed the night that he died and he has a ghostly ability that would make you think twice about him.



Possession: As a ghost, Missile can possess objects and hop from one object to another. His range is three times the range of Sissel's. If I had to guess, this seems to be about nine to ten feet.

Talking to ghosts: Missile can talk directly via thoughts to ghosts (either as a ghost or alive) and people who have died before (when he's a ghost). It doesn't matter what language they speak as ghosts share thoughts directly to one another.

Object Swapping: As a ghost, Missile can swap any two objects as long as they share the same or a similar shape with each other. The size and weight of these objects do not matter, but his ability rests on the angle that he is viewing the object. (I.E.: He can swap a sweet potato with a large concrete statue of that same shape that weighs hundreds of pounds, he can swap a bullet with a soft fluffy hat, a trash can lid at rest with a trap door etc.).

As a note, he cannot manipulate those objects beyond swapping their positions though those objects would swap actions (I.E.: The hat- bullet swap example: the hat would take the same path the speeding bullet would have taken and thus become a speeding hat.)

Missile's Swapping in action.

How it looks like to other people.

Rewinding Time: (NERFED FOR [community profile] thewake. He is unable to do this in game.) As a ghost, Missile can travel back in time to four minutes before someone's death. (note: since time travel is typically not allowed in Wake, this is free to be cut. Actually, I think the only ghosty abilities he could potentially regain are object swapping, and ability to talk directly to once-dead people.)


Dec. 2nd, 2014 12:53 am
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About Missile
He's a pomeranian. That's a type of dog. He also has the ability to swap things. And look cute.
RP Preferences
  • Backtagging: Okay to a degree. I like to tag in the moment so threads that are over a week or two that aren't discussed are often dropped.
  • Threadhopping: Sure.
  • Threadjacking: If it makes sense and doesn't go on forever when a separate entry will do. Ask if you're not sure.
  • Fourthwalling: No.
  • Gifting (Wake): Let me know.
  • Casual Contact.
  • Hugging.
  • Verbal fighting.
  • Small Injuries.
Check with Me.
  • Kissing/Flirting. (HE'S A DOG)
  • Physical Fighting.
  • Serious Injury.
  • Torture
  • Killing.
  • Mind Reading:
  • Let's discuss what this means to you.
  • Pranks/Theft
  • : I'm usually cool with it but let me know so at least I know.
No thanks
  • Rape
  • Things that don't make any sense.
  • Anything illegal.
  • Animal cruelty. If it's looked down on IRL, it applies here.

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